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Boys' Shorts

Boys Shorts. Recently, some of our boys have been choosing to wear Ruggers shorts in grey and navy to school. (see photo). These "tracksuit" material / stretchy shorts, while very comfortable, are not our school uniform as set out by the P&C.
Our uniform policy as set out in the A-Z Guide to Parents and Students specifies Navy Blue Shorts. The shorts from our supplier are Blockers brand and are a dress short style. (See attached photos).

Grey coloured uniform shorts (Blockers) are our current uniform, however, as you may know we are changing to Navy shorts (Blockers) across all year groups. As we have been telling the students, your grey shorts are fine for now, but the next pair you purchase should be navy. Our school uniform is available from Lowes, Erina. Please contact either of the DPs or Head Teacher Wellbeing if you have any questions about uniform. Thank you for your support.