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Illuminate Nextgen - Day 1 Report

 I am so proud to be part of this school community in 2018 and be part of this great Year 10 event.
Students have shown respect to our visitors, each other and seem to be taking in what this project is about.
SOCIAL ENTERPRISE in the Kincumber community is the challenge and the teams have brainstorms many entrepreneurial areas that could assist the community.

We are excited to see what business plans are created! You never know, some of these may become a reality in the years!

From an educational view, I am so heartened to see students collaborating with each other, communicating, problem solving and working in team with their common ideas and interests. It will be great to reflect on this project and the students' experience to ensure they understand the importance of the skills they are using; their personal strengths and areas in need of development. This self awareness is critical to ensuring a successful career and in gaining employment.

More to come )
Susan Grant - KHS Career Education